Saturday, December 6, 2008


OH! The joy of children at Christmas! Our trees are up. But there's still a mess to be picked up, but I'm taking it all in stride. Decorating the tree this year with two little ones was a hoot and went a lot smoother than I had anticipated. Brother got the concept and walked his ornament of choice to Daddy to help him put it on the tree ... and take it back off. For those of you who know my son, you know he has quick hands, so I had to guard the ornament box while everyone decorated. But that gave me the opportunity to explain to Millie Bug the stories behind the ornaments. Our favorites were the ones Granny had given us. Most had a little card in her handwriting. The most memorable: the cat in a stroller "To: Amelia From: Granny My Queen." Love that we have that to share with the children. What great memories! Afterward, we bundled up for books, sweets and coffee at Barnes & Noble. We finished the evening off with "A Charlie Brown Christmas" and "Christmas Vacation" for the adults. I could watch that movie 10 times in the middle of July and still laugh so hard. My fave "A Christmas Story" awaits.

Can't wait for Polyphonic Spree next weekend. And shopping! Went to Canton last week for a few goodies, and I'm looking forward to Ikea, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie!
Houston's salmon!

The kids have been eyeing those darn toy advertisements on TV to which Millie Bug yells, "I want that, I want that." Reminds me of carrying around the Sears wish book for a whole month, black magic marker circles, dog ears and all.

Eric and I are going to try to keep it simple this year. I wish I could say for principle, but to be honest, space is our big issue. I came across a woman who buys her children three gifts from Santa to echo the three gifts the wisemen gave Jesus. I think that's a good idea. A great way to teach the children the significance of gift-giving at Christmas anyway. That's been our goal, but we have yet to make it happen. Always go overboard.

Tonight's Eric's work Christmas party. (Or baby-making time, others joke. We don't laugh anymore.) But I'm taking a baby factory hiatus this year. Instead, I simply am looking forward to dressing up. I love to dress up! Berry-stained lips sound nice.

If you were a tree, what kind would you be?

A Bradford Pear.
Isn't it breathtaking? My photography does no justice to this shade tree in my father's backyard.
Can't help but picture God as artist, this his beautiful water-colored masterpiece.


The garland Millie Bug and I made. Very into those things.

Lovely and yet bittersweet. There's much to be thankful for -- family, friends, good health. God answered our prayers and Grandma Vicky was released from the hospital the day before Thanksgiving. This is her holiday. We wanted it to be special for her because of all the Thanksgivings before that she stayed up till 4 in the morning making sure the turkey, dressing and candied yams were special just for us. She slept most of the day, but she did wake once coughing. I asked her if she wanted water. She said no, she wanted candied yams. And I complied. Yes, there is much to be thankful for.

Millie Bug and her cousins gettin' their grub on.


I celebrated another year of life in November. Thanks, Mom and Dad. To honor the special day, I bought myself cupcakes: red velvet with cream cheese icing, of course! Not really sure how I feel about my 30s. But the cupcakes help. And please notice that after 3X years of life, patience is not a virtue of which I possess.