Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Enjoying the Small Things

Please take a moment to click on and read Kelle Hampton's raw recount of the birth of her second daughter Nella Cordelia, who has Down syndrome.

Her story is very touching. And although different, I can totally relate -- coming to grips with the reality that her life, her daughter's life are anything but perfect. I experience the same heartbreak and fear as we journey into Millie's probable diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes. Sometimes the fear is paralyzing and overwhelming. I have no time to take a breath as I watch the overwhelming wave of reality engulf and sting me to my very core.

I have yet to share the details of Millie's story for fear it acknowledges the truth. I'm just not there yet. But Kelle is, and she's very elloquent at doing so. I pray her story touches you as it has me.