Saturday, September 26, 2009

Have a Heart

Daddy and I participated this morning in the American Heart Association Heart Walk.
Can't tell you the flooding of emotions that poored over me as I filled out my tribute tag. The lady at the table must have sensed my levee was about to break. She gently patted my sticker to my back and said, "These are love pats."
Today, I ran 3.1 miles because my papaw and my aunt, who have loved/love me with all their heart, couldn't. It was an honor.

Birthday Season

Workin' up that courage to blow his candle out

It's birthday season around here. It started with Brother's late August. We celebrated with an "'A' is for alligator party" at Gators and Friends. I had fun with that one -- designing the invites, creating a birthday garland, baking funfetti cupcakes with picks (and even some egg-free chocolate cupcakes), and making fans. My baby boy is 2! And he is all boy!
I'd like to share later on some of the details, but I will give a tip for all you party-planning moms. Start at the Dollar Tree! They really have some great finds! I went to all the trouble designing and printing invitations on my own because I couldn't find anything online I really liked. Well, a fiasco with Kinko's and a trip to Office Max later, I visited the Dollar Tree only to find packages of 8 adorable gator invites. Yeah, I was sick!!!! Brother had a great time at his party. I love to hear him sing "Happy Birthday"!
Daddy turned the big 3-2 a couple of days before Millie Bug's birthday! We celebrated with dinner at Houston's in Dallas. Yummo! He had his usual prime rib and wanted to make sure I photographed AND blogged the dinner plate.

As mentioned before, we celebrated Amelia's birthday at Six Flags. She was in Heaven.

Wonder Woman!

Making sure to walk fast enough to get the cape to flow
(Thank you Grandaddy and Becca!)

Getting shy during "Happy Birthday"

Savoring a Sprinkles cupcake

Mommy's turn next. 29 again!!!!????

Friday, September 18, 2009

4 Years, 6 Flags with Sprinkles on Top

My Millie Bug will turn 4 Sunday. I watched her tonight as she sipped from her cup, and she still spreads her toes out as she drinks, just like she did as she nursed as a baby. She loves to give impromtu speeches and concerts, and she's amazed by actual sporks and her pet frogs. And she loves knock-knock jokes, playing tricks on her mommy and pretending to write in cursive. And she loves sweets and fashion. And well, she's the little girl I always dreamed of having. And so for her birthday, when Daddy and I repeatedly asked where she would like to have her party, she certainly replied "Six Flags." So, we're makin' it happen, folks. How magical is that? "Rollerposters" and all. And we'll celebrate with "delectable" cupcakes and ice-cold milk from Sprinkles.
Can't wait to watch her face light up! I'm sure I'll study it and lock it away in my memory just like I did 4 years ago when she entered my life.