Friday, September 18, 2009

4 Years, 6 Flags with Sprinkles on Top

My Millie Bug will turn 4 Sunday. I watched her tonight as she sipped from her cup, and she still spreads her toes out as she drinks, just like she did as she nursed as a baby. She loves to give impromtu speeches and concerts, and she's amazed by actual sporks and her pet frogs. And she loves knock-knock jokes, playing tricks on her mommy and pretending to write in cursive. And she loves sweets and fashion. And well, she's the little girl I always dreamed of having. And so for her birthday, when Daddy and I repeatedly asked where she would like to have her party, she certainly replied "Six Flags." So, we're makin' it happen, folks. How magical is that? "Rollerposters" and all. And we'll celebrate with "delectable" cupcakes and ice-cold milk from Sprinkles.
Can't wait to watch her face light up! I'm sure I'll study it and lock it away in my memory just like I did 4 years ago when she entered my life.


Anonymous said...

4 years old! I feel like she was just born a few months ago!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Amanda! Four years ago?! Cori, I am so glad you found me so now I've found you too! Your children are precious and they are very lucky, I might add. I am enjoying following your blog and seeing what a wonderful family you have! Love, Mrs. Frazier :)