Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Empty Formula Cans

Rinse, Recycle, Re-use!
1. Desperately needed a way to organize Millie's headbands before school started. What to do, what to do? Enter my nephews empty formula cans! Cover them with decorative fabric or paper and voila: headband holder!
2. Collection Buckets -- In addition to the ones we get from the JDRF, we can make our own creative cans to collect donations. Sweet!
3. Pencil, Pen, Marker Holders -- Perfect solution to organizing back-to-school supplies. Again, fabric and paper!
Wish I had pics to show. I've killed my third digital and Mother's Day gift from my generous mother. She watched as it fell and hit her ceramic tile. So sorry, mama! So pics will be few and far between on the blog. I'm temporarily back to disposables. That's right! Had to sheepishly pull one out at Brother's Pre-K open house! Click and wind, click and wind! But I refused to let that moment go undocumented. Anyway, what did we do before digital cameras? I'm finding out ... again!

JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes

Getting so excited about our walk. The enormity of its significance really hits me sometimes. I mean it's not just a walk. It's a commitment to save lives. Lives like that of my beautiful daughter. And I'm not sure how it will affect me to see so many people uniting to support her in one place. Those two miles will be emotional ones!
No need for athletes, we want HEARTS!
Tomorrow's a big day. We go for a family team dinner. Several diabetics in one place for dinner. Ought to be an enlightening experience. I wonder what my Millie will think to see others her age checking their blood and getting an insulin shot just before a meal, just like she does. Just trying to picture it!

Back-to-School Wardrobes

There are just some things in life I try to avoid. I know my inclinations do develop slight obsessions and that usually involves money, lots of money I'd rather be saving for practical things like say a new house with ... wait for it ... storage!!! (Remember Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover"? Car is paid off!)
But I also like to get things out of my system, so I rationalized a trip to Hock Your Smocks, an upscale consignment shop in Shreveport: back-to-school clothes.
I walked in and racked up! Plenty of smocked dresses for Millie. Plenty of Jon-Jons for Brother.
This was on top of scoring a steal at a Three Little Monkeys liquidation. My sorority sister owns her own childrens' clothing boutique. She decided to go wholesale, so she cleared out her merchandise. I was able to get $500-plus dollars worth of clothing for $100. Pants for $1. Cord longalls for $10? Seriously! I can't say I didn't feel a little guilty. I knew full well I was getting a "steal." But very grateful because my children will have nice wardrobes for school.
Finally, family friends. A good friend of Eric's that he works with has a little girl a few years older than Millie. Sweet Jennifer and her daughter sent Millie a pile of clothes, cute clothes! Sweet smocks and adorable jumpers!
It's funny how your view changes about hand-me-downs once you become a parent. I'm so glad I let go of my hang-up. Because now my kids will look smart for school.
But now I have consignment obsession, and I've shared it with my sister.
(BTW, as much as I'm elated with my stockpile of Jon-Jons, I did overlook one MINOR detail. Brother is a freshman pottier. Meaning we're lucky if he can get his pants down in time. Meaning fastening his own buttons are a no-go. And all that translates into no Jon-Jons at Pre-K. Darn! And I thought I was doing so good.)

Day 3: Happy Fourth of July!

Like a month-plus later! Ha. But this day was just as grand as the others!
Family pictures, fun and food! My family loves to grill!
Check out these Roberts grandbabies!

Later that night, Daddy bought way too many fireworks, and he and Uncle Rusty popped them for the kids. Millie Bug and Brother were so funny! They hate the noise. So THE WHOLE TIME, they watched with their ears covered!!!
It was one of those nights when you just didn't want to get down to the last firecracker. Soon, it would be back to the old stomp and grind ... away from family.

Day 2

On Day 2 of our 4th weekend, we slept late, of course! Then we went for lunch at Portico. I had the best mahi, mahi grilled sandwich. Why have I never visited this place until now!? After that, it looked like a storm was moving in, but I had promised to take Millie to a cute little girly boutique on Louisville. She desperately wanted a "satchel" and "journal" a la American Girl Kit. So we went. It was so nice to shop with my girl along (Daddy and Abe stayed in the car. No complaints. Thanks, guys!) Millie emerged with the cutest pink ballet messenger satchel and a diary ... with a lock. To keep Brother out of course! She was so cute!
Afterward, Mommy and Daddy jaunted across the street for some adult beverages. A friend had introduced my sister to a fabulous peach margarita! Boy, is it the best ever!
Then we went back to mom and dad's for more family time.
Have I told you I love my brothers and sister? And my mom and dad?
My dad loves that we miss being home so much! Nothing makes him happier than to have us all together. We don't have to do anything, just be. And it's so comforting.