Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Empty Formula Cans

Rinse, Recycle, Re-use!
1. Desperately needed a way to organize Millie's headbands before school started. What to do, what to do? Enter my nephews empty formula cans! Cover them with decorative fabric or paper and voila: headband holder!
2. Collection Buckets -- In addition to the ones we get from the JDRF, we can make our own creative cans to collect donations. Sweet!
3. Pencil, Pen, Marker Holders -- Perfect solution to organizing back-to-school supplies. Again, fabric and paper!
Wish I had pics to show. I've killed my third digital and Mother's Day gift from my generous mother. She watched as it fell and hit her ceramic tile. So sorry, mama! So pics will be few and far between on the blog. I'm temporarily back to disposables. That's right! Had to sheepishly pull one out at Brother's Pre-K open house! Click and wind, click and wind! But I refused to let that moment go undocumented. Anyway, what did we do before digital cameras? I'm finding out ... again!

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