Monday, June 28, 2010

A Cub Reporter and an Itty Bitty Scientist

Millie Bug and I were able to enjoy a "girlie day." It included a free movie, "Kit Kittridge," and the Itty Bitty Scientist program at Sci-Port.

Awaiting the movie
The theater shows these movies as part of its Family Film Fest. And it's such a great deal! We loved the movie based on the American Girl doll. It was the perfect mother-daughter film. Millie walked out wanting her own typewriter and reporter's notebook. That's something I definitely can handle!
After the movie, we went straight to the science center. It, too, was a great program. Check out Millie's project!

Summer Reading Kickoff Luau

The children had so much fun at the luau. We were able to put together our costumes with dress-up items from home and a few Dollar Tree finds. I worked the necklace booth, and Ienjoyed meeting the neighborhood children and seeing how creative they all were. Not sure what the children's favorite part was ... maybe limbo and free dance with Dr. Spaghetti afterward!

Eye of the Tiger


Tennis Lessons 2010

The Pool

On a stop to pay for tennis lessons on our way to the city spray ground, we realized the rec pool was actually open this year. Upon further investigation, Daddy found out it was being run by Rock Solid. Yay! So, we decided to cool down on this hot first day of June. It was such an enjoyable experience. The pool was very clean, not crowded, the manager enforced the rules, and the teenage lifeguards were professional and courteous. This is great exercise for the family, and we've taken advantage of every chance we get to go. It's been a scorcher of a summer so far.

Going to Grandma's

When I was little, I couldn't wait for summer because that meant Grandma's. Forget weekend trips, my sister and I would stay weeks if we wanted. Grandma Vicky and Papaw Frank had few rules. And it looks like it's pretty much the same for my children with their Mimi.

Brother had to improvise a bit.

This makes me nervous, but it's cute all the same. Brother's wearing the hat Papaw and Mimi picked up for him on their trip to a Texas Rangers' game. He would not take it off. Also, notice those awesome pancake portion sizes. Watching those carbs for Millie Bug. Thanks, Mimi!

Somehow, Millie Bug managed to get Papaw's binoculars.
She loves this kind of stuff, and I'm sure it was followed with a "field journal" entry.


Brother had his first dental appointment back in May. Great report! I think that was the most still I've ever seen him.

Monday, June 14, 2010

'Food Inc.'

Have you seen it? You should. Enlightening.


Exercise is a key component of Millie's diabetes regimen. She and Brother stay very active, but I'm really wanting to get creative with the exercise. I certainly don't want them to get bored and turned off. As Millie says, "Variety is the spice of life, Mom." And it is a healthy, long-term lifestyle we hope to develop.

So, biking is a given for any child when it comes to exercise. And I'm eyeing these sweet cruisers for Millie and myself.

River City Cycling on Youree has a Trek sign posted. Might have to check them out after vacation! I anticipate us having to save up our allowance for these babies, though.

I can so see us enjoying late afternoon (when it's not so hot) rides with bells and baskets, of course! Trips to the library seem even more enchanting with these.

Cotton candy sweet, don't you think?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Millie's Hot "Shots"

In September, we will walk to raise funds for diabetes research. We are looking forward to the walk and gathering up our closest friends and family to participate with us. Please consider joining us by going to the Here's our link.There is no cost to do so, only a committment to raise funds. You can set a goal for as little or as much as you would like.
I think I am most looking forward to the opportunity for Millie to meet other children with diabetes. I like that we're spreading the word ... together.
I plan to design a T-shirt, too, for our team, so after you sign up, be on the lookout for those as well.