Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blue Dog

Millie Bug and Brother enjoyed meeting Blue Dog artist Mr. George Rodrigue at his Barnes & Noble book signing. Millie had so many questions but was too shy to ask them once she reached the table. Mr. Rodrigue seemed to get a kick out of them both.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Out with the Old

I'm of the sentimental variety. You know one of those "you never know when this is gonna come back in style/you never know when you're gonna need this for a costume" kind of gals. Hey, trust me. It will save you one day from kicking yourself in the rear as you trapse to Goodwill for that exact special something you unloaded 10 years ago. I'm telling ya. Anyway, I want to save everything my children ever touch. If you went in their room and pointed at something, I could probably tell you who gave it to them when. But these a kiddos are a growin' and a changin' and so must their room. So I'm having to hesitantly PURGE to prepare their room for sleep, learning and playing. A challenge. For two. One girl, one boy. One room.
I went against my better judgement and agreed on an Ikea bunk bed. So far, so good on the accident front. And it's working on freeing up space in our bed. As in mine and Daddy's bed. Storage is a must. And thus, two new, sturdy toy boxes. Perfect for storage, right?!

School Daze

Pre-K. Hum. This ain't your mamma's Pre-K. Seriously. Call it college prep for 3- and 4-year-olds. We've been bustling with projects and special events since the beginning of school. It's a whirlwind but oh so fun watching my little girl's horizons broaden, however hesitant I am that this thing called "school" is upon us. Two weeks ago, she began Spanish and computer classes. A week ago, our homework was a bug collection (I didn't do my first until 11th grade gifted AP biology.) and today was the third of Show and Tell Secret Sacks since school began. Millie Bug's assigned letter this week was "Z," and she's getting pretty picky about what she's willing to take. So we decided to have a little fun with this one.
Her clues:
1. It's green.
2. You can grow it in a garden.
3. And it's oh so yummy to eat.
Give up?
It's a zucchini!!!
Working on our independent lesson at home
Remember these? Weekly Reader book orders?
Out of control!!!
The cutest thing? Her blue jeans and silver sparkle belt her Becca bought her. She loves to wear them on Fridays with her red school spirit shirt, pink sneakers and red polka-dot ribbons. I can't post pics because the school's name is plastered all over. But trust me. It's sweet as pie!
This school business brings back fond memories of my early school years. I went to an old "country" school in LaSalle Parish. It was built up off the ground and everything you'd imagine a little red school house to be ... only it was white. I remember the day my daddy took me to roundup. I had on a white sundress with stars on it that tied at the shoulders and matching bloomers. I was so proud of those bloomers!!! I remember taking a sight test (one of those where you had to peep into a projector-looking thing) and being asked where the red dot was. My choices of answers were either "on" or "off" the table. I remember replying, "It's on the bacon." (There was a plate of bacon "on" the table in the picture.) That whole test may be a thing of the past as am I, but it goes to show you it's all in the details. I remember so much from those days it's unreal. I could go on and on. My sister says there's something wrong with her because she has no recollection of kindergarten. But she was there. I remember!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Introducing ...


Are You Concerned?

You should be.

At the Car Wash

Forgot how fascinating this could be.

My Halloween Rag Wreath

I was at home.
And needed a project.
I wanted a Halloween wreath.
I didn't want to pay for one.
This is the result.
Luckily, I had orange and black scraps. And a wire hanger.
Surprising. I make my husband throw these away.
This is my first attempt at a rag wreath. I think it turned out lovely. Just what the doctor ordered on a lonely, quiet afternoon.

Step 1

Step 2
This is before I trimmed it up a bit. I thought about and attempted at adding some Halloween trinkets to jazz it up but decided it was better simple. This year at least. Simple and sweet. The price tag? $0. Even sweeter! Bring on the candy corn!!!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

An Open Letter to Aunt Beth

Dearest Aunt Beth,

You have given meaning to my Halloween. You put the "treat" in trick-or-treat. You do Rice Krispies treats better than Kellogg's themselves. Or Snap! Crackle! and Pop! for that matter. Often, your perfection with this confection is a topic of discussion at our home ... year-round. Just what makes it so perfect? Butter? Portion? Consistency? Creaminess? Whatever the secret, it's unmatched. I've tried ... and tried. Whatever the recipe, it's divine! Hide-my-square-from-the-rest-of-the-family-and-wait-till-everyone-is-asleep-and-pull-out-my-treat-and-poor-a-tall-glass-of-ice-cold-milk-and-savor-every-morsel-in-peace kind of good! I know what I must do to receive my share. So, all ghosts and goblins BEWARE! And move out of my way! To Aunt Beth's house we'll go Halloween Day!

* Have you read All You, a magazine? I first picked it up when I worked at the library. It's definitely worth the time and the $2.49 -- great coupons, tips and RECIPES!!! I pick my copy up at Wal-Mart.
* I'm on the hunt for the ultimate pumpkin pie. None of that cheesecake mess. I just want a creamy pumpkin pie. Recipes, anyone?
* And apples. Don't want to overkill since the kids eat them all the time, but I would like a good apple something. I like the word "dumpling," so I may give that a try. Thought about caramel apples. Is there such a thing as healthy caramel for the kids? (smile. i try.) But I may stick with my great-grandmother's baked apple recipe. Yummy and comforting.