Thursday, October 8, 2009

An Open Letter to Aunt Beth

Dearest Aunt Beth,

You have given meaning to my Halloween. You put the "treat" in trick-or-treat. You do Rice Krispies treats better than Kellogg's themselves. Or Snap! Crackle! and Pop! for that matter. Often, your perfection with this confection is a topic of discussion at our home ... year-round. Just what makes it so perfect? Butter? Portion? Consistency? Creaminess? Whatever the secret, it's unmatched. I've tried ... and tried. Whatever the recipe, it's divine! Hide-my-square-from-the-rest-of-the-family-and-wait-till-everyone-is-asleep-and-pull-out-my-treat-and-poor-a-tall-glass-of-ice-cold-milk-and-savor-every-morsel-in-peace kind of good! I know what I must do to receive my share. So, all ghosts and goblins BEWARE! And move out of my way! To Aunt Beth's house we'll go Halloween Day!

* Have you read All You, a magazine? I first picked it up when I worked at the library. It's definitely worth the time and the $2.49 -- great coupons, tips and RECIPES!!! I pick my copy up at Wal-Mart.
* I'm on the hunt for the ultimate pumpkin pie. None of that cheesecake mess. I just want a creamy pumpkin pie. Recipes, anyone?
* And apples. Don't want to overkill since the kids eat them all the time, but I would like a good apple something. I like the word "dumpling," so I may give that a try. Thought about caramel apples. Is there such a thing as healthy caramel for the kids? (smile. i try.) But I may stick with my great-grandmother's baked apple recipe. Yummy and comforting.


Anonymous said...

Oh my dear Cori, you have really put me on the spot, haven't you? Better than Kellogg's! Having to sneak off to eat your piece, you are the treat. I thank you very much and must confess, I almost called Halloween off but I guess that won't happen now. Halloween is back on. Let me get my super secret recipe that is printed on every box of Rice Krispies and see if I can round up all those ghosts that Amelia doesn't care for. We will have to see how Abram handles them. See you in a couple of week, with love Aunt Beth

Cori said...

Aunt Beth! Ahhh. You received my letter! Haha. Certainly didn't mean to invite ourselves over. But, really, Eric and I will do whatever it takes. And obviously I can't read! Seriously, you do make the best treats. Maybe it's just the love that makes all the difference!

rdejl said...

Hey Cori, you and your family are always welcomed. We love seeing you, no matter what it takes! I'm sure you do well with yours and maybe there is something I am doing without realizing it. You are not the first to tell me that I do something different. I agree with you, I think love has something to do with it. Since it is a family tradition, I promise to pass the "gift" to you. I remember my grandmother fixing these for our Halloween treat and yes, hers were better than mine. I'm making an extra batch so there should be plenty. See you soon. Love to you all, Aunt Beth