Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Out with the Old

I'm of the sentimental variety. You know one of those "you never know when this is gonna come back in style/you never know when you're gonna need this for a costume" kind of gals. Hey, trust me. It will save you one day from kicking yourself in the rear as you trapse to Goodwill for that exact special something you unloaded 10 years ago. I'm telling ya. Anyway, I want to save everything my children ever touch. If you went in their room and pointed at something, I could probably tell you who gave it to them when. But these a kiddos are a growin' and a changin' and so must their room. So I'm having to hesitantly PURGE to prepare their room for sleep, learning and playing. A challenge. For two. One girl, one boy. One room.
I went against my better judgement and agreed on an Ikea bunk bed. So far, so good on the accident front. And it's working on freeing up space in our bed. As in mine and Daddy's bed. Storage is a must. And thus, two new, sturdy toy boxes. Perfect for storage, right?!

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