Wednesday, October 21, 2009

School Daze

Pre-K. Hum. This ain't your mamma's Pre-K. Seriously. Call it college prep for 3- and 4-year-olds. We've been bustling with projects and special events since the beginning of school. It's a whirlwind but oh so fun watching my little girl's horizons broaden, however hesitant I am that this thing called "school" is upon us. Two weeks ago, she began Spanish and computer classes. A week ago, our homework was a bug collection (I didn't do my first until 11th grade gifted AP biology.) and today was the third of Show and Tell Secret Sacks since school began. Millie Bug's assigned letter this week was "Z," and she's getting pretty picky about what she's willing to take. So we decided to have a little fun with this one.
Her clues:
1. It's green.
2. You can grow it in a garden.
3. And it's oh so yummy to eat.
Give up?
It's a zucchini!!!
Working on our independent lesson at home
Remember these? Weekly Reader book orders?
Out of control!!!
The cutest thing? Her blue jeans and silver sparkle belt her Becca bought her. She loves to wear them on Fridays with her red school spirit shirt, pink sneakers and red polka-dot ribbons. I can't post pics because the school's name is plastered all over. But trust me. It's sweet as pie!
This school business brings back fond memories of my early school years. I went to an old "country" school in LaSalle Parish. It was built up off the ground and everything you'd imagine a little red school house to be ... only it was white. I remember the day my daddy took me to roundup. I had on a white sundress with stars on it that tied at the shoulders and matching bloomers. I was so proud of those bloomers!!! I remember taking a sight test (one of those where you had to peep into a projector-looking thing) and being asked where the red dot was. My choices of answers were either "on" or "off" the table. I remember replying, "It's on the bacon." (There was a plate of bacon "on" the table in the picture.) That whole test may be a thing of the past as am I, but it goes to show you it's all in the details. I remember so much from those days it's unreal. I could go on and on. My sister says there's something wrong with her because she has no recollection of kindergarten. But she was there. I remember!

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Jessica said...

I love that zucchini! And I love Amelia. She really is just the sweetest little girl, Cori. I love the way she tells me stories every time I see her. And I love to run my fingers through those gorgeous locks of her. One of these days she's going to wonder why that strange lady always has to give her big 'ole bear hugs. Until then...stay little Amelia. You're too precious :)

P.S. If you ever want me to show you how to blur names on photos shoot me an email - it's really easy. Just in case you don't already know!