Monday, July 5, 2010

One Spectacular Weekend: Day 1

Wow! I just don't want this weekend to end. It was a great one ... from beginning to end. I'm so glad my husband could travel with me and the children as we spent hours and hours celebrating our country's independence with friends and family.
It all started with a taco dinner Friday evening to honor Sweet Caroline, my cousin's daughter. My cousin Q lives in North Carolina with his wife and 6-month-old daughter. This was the first time our family has gotten to see her since she was born. Caroline is quite honestly the most beautiful baby I've ever seen. Stunning.

We enjoyed homemade authentic tacos with all the fixings including freshly canned hot sauce. Daddy can drink that stuff out of the jar. It was fun visiting with everyone. I have some beautiful aunts and incredibly gifted cousins. There were so many kiddos! With the races, the conversation, kids playing and newborns crying, it was a circus. But it was just music to my ears. I'm sure my Grandma Vicky got a kick out of the full house. Sad thing is not everyone could make it. They were missed!