Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Can't Sleep

It's past 2 a.m., and I can't sleep. Ugh!!! A million things running through my mind.
1. Hope mom is sleeping soundly in her hospital room ... without any interuptions. Imagining what that must feel like. And being ashamed for thinking that way.
2. Where did these 10 pounds come from?
3. If I were an Elf not so on the Shelf where would I like to "BE"?
4. What will Millie Bug wear to school tomorrow? And why didn't I lay it out earlier like I do every night?
5. Why are my kids in bed with me?
6. Is it time for a Tony's World Famous Egg Nog daquiri again? That should really be a daily thing. That might explain one or two of those 10 pounds.
7. I'm gonna feel lousy in the morning.
8. How cute it is when Brother does something he shouldn't and then says, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." New tonight: "It was an accident." Hardly.
9. How am I going to work up the courage to authorize massive haircuts next week?
10. Bound and determined to get the Christmas shopping done this week to enjoy the month.
11. What is the perfect project for the needy to involve the children in this Christmas?
12. Looking forward to reuniting with my Louisiana Tech Orientation staff this weekend. Has it really been 10 years?
13. I want to hear my husband singing along to Christmas music.
14. I'm in agreement with him that the Sufjan Stevens Christmas box set is yes, one of our best purchases ever.
15. Really grateful to the Fritter's mommy for sharing her MOPs re-investing in friendships story.
16. Laugh because I remember I told Eric that I wanted 10 kids of my own, 10 adopted. That number went to 5 biological after we married. I have two, one of each. And God gets the last laugh.
17. How much I enjoyed crafting Millie Bug two sunflower barrettes for her braids at midnight after she let it slip that evening that her given Indian name for her Thanksgiving feast at school the next day would be "Sun Flower."
18. How much I enjoyed room mothering for that feast.
19. Need to balance the checkbook.
20. How amateurish I've been about couponing. It's time to get my game face on.
21. How am I gonna arrange my sister's due date so I can run that 1/2 marathon.
22. I will read the Twilight series. If no reason other than to prove to myself that I still remember how to read ... something other than juvenile picture books and primers.
23. Where art thou "What Not to Wear"?
Sweet Dreams.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


31 Days of Frivolity
Getting ready for Trunk-or-Treating at BUMC's Block Party!!! Thank you, Miss Angie, for always being such a great hostess!!!

Brother finally got the hang of it. First year out of the stroller. And Costume #1 for 2009.
Playing Batman!

Treats from Mimi and Papaw

Dance demo and wear-your-costume to class all in one night!!!

If you give a man a pumpkin ...

The Pumpkin Shine is a tradition. We usually go before the "shine" and in costume in order to make another event later that evening. You'll notice Brother in Costume #2. Max's wolf costume was still at the seamstress. Such a darling event!

Headed to the FBC Minden Fall Festival, another tradition. We always have a good time. Love the way this church family loves my kids. And my apologies to Millie Bug for the last photo. It's not very lady-like, but it sure is funny! Bless her heart! We forgot bloomers for Wonder Woman!

Millie Bug and Brother managed a trip to the dentist right at Halloween!!! Perfect checkup at that! Little did we know we'd be driving home from the appointment as the tornadoes were striking downtown.
We tackled Sci-Port's Halloween Festival. The children always have such a ball at that place.

Millie eating the World Famous Rice Krispies treats made by the one and only Queen of Halloween herself Aunt Beth! They were so good! Aunt Beth and Uncle Ricky had us over at their house Halloween night. Hands down, a hoot! Aunt Beth had every nook and cranny of her house decorated. My favorite spot was the "Sleepy Hollow" corner. The deck was "decked" out complete with a cauldron and spooky gate. We were treated to the Krispy treats, a snack tray, and "witch's brew." Totally worth the whole Candy Corn witch get-up I donned. I was duped into thinking I had to dress up to get my share of Rice Krispies treats! Whatever. It was worth it!!!

Sweet P's parents (Check out his blog to the right.) hosted a Halloween carnival at their home. It was so much fun! There were games, smores and plenty of goodies to eat, including some really awesome candied apples Mrs. Amanda made. Yummy!!

Our Motley Crew Halloween Night at Grandaddy and Becca's

Marlie and Me -- Millie loves lovin' on her baby cousin. These girls have to stick together. My sister is expecting a boy in February. Can't wait!!

Um. Not so sure what this is about. We started going to Monday night story time at the library because Millie is in school during the preschool hours during the week. Brother still goes to the baby and toddler class. His attention span isn't quite where it needs to be to attend preschool hour without disturbing the other children. Although, I will admit, he does behave better than most. In fact, he didn't move a muscle or make a peep during a recent viewing of "The Nutcracker." More on that later. But I was proud. Anyway, the kids get to wear their pjs to this story hour, and Dr. Spaghetti's their librarian.

Actually, these were taken early November. They're of the rising Ouachita River. It's the highest I've ever seen it. My dad, who owns a nuclear pharmacy downtown Monroe, took us on a little field trip. Funny thing is, I remember my daddy dangling my sister and I over the docks a la Michael Jackson when we were little. But he's a good daddy. The best, in fact, so no need to worry. We turned out just fine.

Driving Miss Daisy

Sunday, November 15, 2009

God is Good, God is Great

Remember fighting with your brother or sister over who would say the blessing at dinner? (ha. ironic.)That time has arrived at the Anderson Dinner Table. Couldn't help but document brother as he leads the family on this particular night with the most sincere of sing-song mumbles of praise and thanksgiving. Amen.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blue Dog

Millie Bug and Brother enjoyed meeting Blue Dog artist Mr. George Rodrigue at his Barnes & Noble book signing. Millie had so many questions but was too shy to ask them once she reached the table. Mr. Rodrigue seemed to get a kick out of them both.