Friday, January 30, 2009


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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Emerging from Hibernation ... Maybe.

Been absent. First, I was just too bogged down. Then I read this from cjane, "Blogging is the exercise of the self-centered habit. Bloggers must have a degree of self-centeredness or else how could they expect the world to care about their politics or positions on world views much less precious pictures of their posterity?" True. Food for much thought.

Back to the basics in 2009. So. much. excess. in our lil corner of the world, all things considered. We are blessed. I just want to de-clutter and simply enjoy some good, old-fashioned fun with my husband and children -- barefoot, snotty-nosed, non-scheduled fun ... in Wal-Mart playclothes. TRULY, the simple things.

Daddy left a CD of Sufjan Stevens' Christmas music in the car. Happy accident. Precious reminder.

Nienie's back Jan. 16. See you there!