Friday, January 30, 2009


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Sweet P Preston said...

This weekend is one of my favorite things about Minden. The past two years Thomas and I watch the auction on tv off and on and always buy raffle tickets, grand prize and partner in hope. It is also fun to see what they have on the board.

I think it is awesome that this community comes together like this once a year and raises money for such a worthy cause...our babies.

Hope all is well your way.

Cori said...

I agree. It is pretty amazing! And def. one of the perks of marrying into a Minden family.
We're doing well. I'm still trying to recover from Christmas. My house is a wreck, and I've actually contemplated calling that 1-800-Got-Junk.
We think of you guys often. Eric and I are always trying to come up with excuses to get everyone together. We stink at following through. But soon. Hopefully, soon. Kiss Sweet P. I imagine he's the big teddy bear Thomas is!