Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 2

On Day 2 of our 4th weekend, we slept late, of course! Then we went for lunch at Portico. I had the best mahi, mahi grilled sandwich. Why have I never visited this place until now!? After that, it looked like a storm was moving in, but I had promised to take Millie to a cute little girly boutique on Louisville. She desperately wanted a "satchel" and "journal" a la American Girl Kit. So we went. It was so nice to shop with my girl along (Daddy and Abe stayed in the car. No complaints. Thanks, guys!) Millie emerged with the cutest pink ballet messenger satchel and a diary ... with a lock. To keep Brother out of course! She was so cute!
Afterward, Mommy and Daddy jaunted across the street for some adult beverages. A friend had introduced my sister to a fabulous peach margarita! Boy, is it the best ever!
Then we went back to mom and dad's for more family time.
Have I told you I love my brothers and sister? And my mom and dad?
My dad loves that we miss being home so much! Nothing makes him happier than to have us all together. We don't have to do anything, just be. And it's so comforting.

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