Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back-to-School Wardrobes

There are just some things in life I try to avoid. I know my inclinations do develop slight obsessions and that usually involves money, lots of money I'd rather be saving for practical things like say a new house with ... wait for it ... storage!!! (Remember Ramsey's "Total Money Makeover"? Car is paid off!)
But I also like to get things out of my system, so I rationalized a trip to Hock Your Smocks, an upscale consignment shop in Shreveport: back-to-school clothes.
I walked in and racked up! Plenty of smocked dresses for Millie. Plenty of Jon-Jons for Brother.
This was on top of scoring a steal at a Three Little Monkeys liquidation. My sorority sister owns her own childrens' clothing boutique. She decided to go wholesale, so she cleared out her merchandise. I was able to get $500-plus dollars worth of clothing for $100. Pants for $1. Cord longalls for $10? Seriously! I can't say I didn't feel a little guilty. I knew full well I was getting a "steal." But very grateful because my children will have nice wardrobes for school.
Finally, family friends. A good friend of Eric's that he works with has a little girl a few years older than Millie. Sweet Jennifer and her daughter sent Millie a pile of clothes, cute clothes! Sweet smocks and adorable jumpers!
It's funny how your view changes about hand-me-downs once you become a parent. I'm so glad I let go of my hang-up. Because now my kids will look smart for school.
But now I have consignment obsession, and I've shared it with my sister.
(BTW, as much as I'm elated with my stockpile of Jon-Jons, I did overlook one MINOR detail. Brother is a freshman pottier. Meaning we're lucky if he can get his pants down in time. Meaning fastening his own buttons are a no-go. And all that translates into no Jon-Jons at Pre-K. Darn! And I thought I was doing so good.)

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