Friday, June 12, 2009

Gimme a tight hug

Brother 1 year
I don't believe I've ever received a better hug than those I receive from my Brother man. Abe hugs with his whole body, with his cheek pressed to mine, you know, so good it hurts. I've worried about a cracked jaw and choked neck before. But those are small prices to pay. His new thing is to wrap his arm around mine and rest his tiny face to my arm. I think he adores me and I him.
I slow danced with him a couple of days ago. The song our secret. But I couldn't help thinking about dancing with him on his wedding day and thinking back to that very moment. Somewhere out there is a pretty lil girl God is preparing for him and he her. Until she is revealed to him and captures his heart, I'll allow him to practice huggin' on me all he wants.

Brother 3 months

(Speaking of the lil man, there he goes.)
Daddy just commented on how he loves to hear Brother run around the house. Bare feet on hardwood floors. When we purchased this house after our first year of marriage, that's exactly what I had in mind.
Daddy and I often refer to Brother as our little accident, but he reminds us every day that
with God there are no such things

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Sweet P Preston said...

He is so precious. I understand how you feel about your little boy. They truly wrap their entire body around your heart. Here's to more slow dances!!!!