Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fall Photo Shoot

OK. I'm horrible at being patient. I was hoping to unveil these for Christmas cards and/or family gifts, but I'm about to burst. Please go to, click on her blog, and check out my children.
I think Britney did a wonderful job! For us, photo shoots are always stressful for me. I guess because I look at it as an investment, and I just want to give the photographer all the best to work with, mainly well-behaved children. Shoots always involve very thorough planning -- the best time to bathe and dress the children; the optimum time to photograph around meals, snacks and naps; and the perfect outfits. And most important: a Daddy who isn't cranky.
I mean I've even had to take breaks during photo sessions to nurse my children, so flexible photogs are a must for us, as well as someone who loves children.
Britney is so great to work with, and my children love her. She is a sorority sister of mine whom I advised as a chapter officer, so Millie Bug and Brother have been able to get to know her for a while. Back in the spring I believe, she used the children as models to increase her portfolio of children's work. And it was such a great experience, I decided to have her shoot us for Brother's one-year/fall/Christmas photos. I haven't even seen all of the pics, but I'm so satisfied with what she blogged already. My heart just fills with joy looking at them! I hope you love them as much as I do.

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little pumpkin grace said...

The pics are GORGEOUS!!! I share your sentiments on getting good shots and I completely understand the bit about a "cranky daddy" :)