Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kate Gosselin

ike millions of mothers out there, I am a huge fan of "Jon & Kate Plus 8." It's a show my mom and I have been fervently watching together for a while. It's part of our daily phone conversations along with soap opera updates. Yes, I've made monkey munch; yes, I try to eat organic; yes, I talk to my husband the way Kate talks to Jon (i.e. the Toys R Us episode). Millie Bug even plays pretend with the children. That's how obsessive we are.
So, I was thrilled when she spoke last night at Central Assembly of God. She said she gets asked why the family's faith is not shown more through the television show. And her answer is editing beyond their control, so she and Jon enjoy public speaking arrangements that allow them to share their faith. Her testimony of God's faithfulness was moving. Several times I was brought to tears as she gave example after example of God proving to her and Jon that He is in control -- right down to the strategic placing of each of the six placentas so that each baby could receive optimum growth and nourishment.
What you see on television is what you get in person. The three of us -- my mom, sister-in-law Alanna, and me -- stayed afterward to have our copy of her new book "Multiple Blessings" signed. Mom was dying to know if she has any plans for an organic cookbook, so I asked the question for her. Yes, Kate said, it's fourth on her list, that is if nothing else is thrown her way. So that was exciting.
I've already taken a dive into the book, which closely follows the presentation she gave last night -- lots of juicy tidbits I had never known before. I left last night a bigger fan with yet another affirmation, that, yes, God is in Control. And as a self-professed control freak that's a tough pill to swallow. But it's nice to know I'm not the only one out there having to take
those big gulps.


Kandy said...

I am so jealous! I am also a huge fan and live for Monday nights! I do not miss an episode! I had heard they had canceled their Shreveport visit, but I guess not. I love all your comments on my blog. I never thought to click on your name and that would leave me to your blog! Yeah! A new blog for me to read!!!!! Your kiddos are PRECIOUS!! Take care and keep blogging because you now have a new reader!

Anonymous said...

Too bad they are both cheating on each other, huh? Just goes to show those good ole christian family values. Way to go tard-mo.

Dialtone said...

Of course, 'Anonymous' would say something dumb. In the unlikely event that Anonymous returns, we only try to live the Christian life every day. It is literally impossible to do so. The beauty of Christianity is the chance to genuinely repent and begin again, forgiving others along the way.

It was good to read something good about Kate, since the 'big stories' are bad. If anyone believes Christians don't sin, slip, fall and sometimes bring poor reflection on their faith, they need to know folks are sometimes just going to be folks, doing what their sinful nature begs, as opposed to the right thing.

Forgiveness is the only way we are able to not let the past equal the future, push on and do better.

Sorry to run long! Great post. I'm not a viewer, but have watched the Gosselin's at a distance. Hope your post and evidence that they remain in their faith despite media evidence against it is more widely shared.