Saturday, April 18, 2009

One Last Hoorah!

Just probably hours before the good ol' dryer took its last breath, Brother discovered a new hiding place. This made me think of two things: as a child, hiding in the dryer once to avoid a spanking and the second that Amelia NEVER, EVER once did this when she was smaller. Another difference between girls and boys?
But Brother got his last hoorah, and then mommy got hers.

That's right, mama's got a new washer & dryer!


Sweet P Preston said...

Very Nice washer and dryer. And your little man is so cute. You should have stopped by the other morning. You probably heard Biscuit and Maddie "cheering" everyone on as they ran by. Preston and I watched from the window for a little while. Take care.

Little Boy Carson said...

I'm so jealous! Can I come over a wash my clothes?

Cori said...

Girllllll, come on over! I have never enjoyed washing clothes so much! And, get this. It's a built in babysitter. The kids like to sit in front of it and watch it spin. Amelia likes picking out her blankie. Funny. But for real, it has a "hand wash" setting and chimes when it's done. Awesome!