Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Work in Progress

Brother has been informing us for a while now when he has messed his britches, so Daddy and I are changing gears and getting into potty training mode ... again. And yet another difference in raising girls and boys. Don't worry. I have Brother's permission to print this. He was mighty proud. And although he didn't actually do "it" this time, he did the time before. Yes, sir, that's my boy!


Sweet P Preston said...

too cute. good luck with potty training.

Anonymous said...

What's your secret?! Carson tells us all the time, but it's right after he does it! Any videos or books you have used?

Cori said...

Brother does that a lot, too. Really, what has gotten him going is knowing that Amelia goes. But since Carson's on his own, it may just mean going through the motions -- asking him, sitting him on potty, flushing, washing hands. The process is fun for them, and the "doing it" just happens when you least expect it. We tried videos and books with Amelia, and those helped. With her, we worked and worked and were about to give up until we went on a vacation and voila. Some friends have suggested cheerios and stickers (having the boys practice aiming). haha! Good luck to you and Carson!