Monday, April 6, 2009

Scrumptious Spring Sweets

Lots of treats to sink your teeth into! My sorority sister Kandy over at The Bozeman Boys passed along this great swimsuit Web site:! Finally, cute and mommy-body-conscious. And a friend is fashioning these little bites:

Bella Bits, the youngster's version to her Bella Donnas:

Cute as pie!
The Bits aren't up on her etsy shop yet, but they should be soon!


Katie said...

Well aren't you just a doll!!!!! Thank SO much for featuring Bella Donna's and Bella Bits on your blog!! I am working on new bella bits and bella donnas to post soon! THANKS AGAIN GIRL!!!

Cori said...
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Cori said...

I absolutely love them! I'm waiting till you post the Bits on etsy so I can order me a Donna and Amelia a Bit at the same time! Can't wait!