Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ice Cream Sundays

Millie loves ice cream.
(Thank you, Sweet P's Mommy for the recipe! I think it calls for an ice cream social soon ... for the kids, of course, ... wink, wink!)
As with any diet, her diet is more about portion control than deprivation. She can still eat what she likes, just not as much and at certain times. If there is any blessing associated with diabetes, it's that if you are vigilant and responsible, you can learn to eat healthy for a lifetime. Through this blog and Facebook, so many have shared their stories of friends and family members with diabetes. Some say they are healthier than most, that their A1Cs are better than most, that their eyesight is better than most. Point: We have no idea what bad food can do to any of our bodies. A silent killer, indeed.
Anyway, we've enjoyed trying new things. But sometimes, convenience is key. So often we have to snack, and it's just easy to have food already nice and portioned for us. When it comes to ice cream, it's so easy to fudge when you have to dip into that creamy gallon of Blue Bell. My first thought was let's look for something with Splenda or low-, no-sugar. But then I came across the little party ice creams -- the single-serves. Perfect! 12 grams of carbs. I added a little squirt of whipped cream (less than 4 grams of carbs, so it's "free") and a few drops of chocolate syrup, and VOILA!!! my baby has an ice cream sundae on Sunday. And the entire family enjoyed one on the front porch in the already sweltering Louisiana heat.
Now, that brings us to our next obstacle: How do we deal with the ice cream truck? Yes, they're creepy to begin with, but what child doesn't love hearing that music, frantically dumping their piggy bank and dashing out to catch the truck with the frozen treats?
Well, yesterday, we "got to that bridge." And I wasn't ready "to cross it." So instead of saying "No, you can't eat anything on there, baby." I just took my time and the truck had driven off before she could gather her allowance.
Later, I gave some thought to how I would handle the situation next time. Sometimes the chase is all the fun, so I think we'll play that part up. As for the sweets, allow her to get what she wants. It may mean she may not be able to eat the entire treat or at that particular time, but I'm sure it's manageable.
Summer and ice cream just go hand-in-hand. And I can remember moving to a "big city" and hearing and seeing an ice cream truck for the first time, and well, it was magical. My parents always made it such an exciting treat for us kids, so there's no way I'm depriving my baby girl of this summertime experience.
So here's to sweet sundaes on sweltering summer Sundays! Say that fast 10 times!


Mindy said...

you are fantastic and your Millie Bug is BEAUTIFUL!

Cori said...

Thank you so much, Mindy Lou! We must lunch this summer. Miss you!

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