Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sparkling Jewel

Power & Grace School of the Performing Arts Recital 2010: "Masquerade"
"Sparkling Jewels"
2 p.m. May 15 The Strand Theatre
I reluctantly volunteered to serve as a backstage mother. It was just too much of a risk sending Millie backstage with all those snacks and too much of a hassle to explain glucagon to an unwitting, already frazzled mother. Little did I know, one of the residents who had assisted Dr. McVie the day he first administered Millie's first insulin shot was also a P&G backstage mom! Love how God watches out for us that way. Millie did great with her schedule and snacks backstage. Although, it was difficult to watch her dance from the wings, I'm thinking she did more dancing backstage than on stage. But she had a great time.
She was chosen to present flowers to the dance teachers at the end of the recital. She was so happy to present Miss Kourtney, her teacher from last year, her flowers.
We were all so proud of her. Afterward, she was showered with flowers and gifts, and we went out for her favorite: tacos. Her magical evening was capped with her first overnight visit with Mimi without me since being diagnosed. Everyone did great! Lots of planning ahead, but we made it!
Served my time as backstage mom.

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