Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Visit brasherchinaadoption.org!

Don't laugh ... but when I was younger, I wanted to have 10 biological children and 10 adopted children. And as I grew older, it became 5 and 5. And today, I'm just leaving it all up to God. Adoption's still on my heart.

Three sorority sisters' and a childhood friend of mine's families are currently in the midst of the blessing of adoption. It has been so touching to follow their journeys to their children. Simply beautiful. Each journey is unique and God-written for sure. They are being called to Ethiopia, China, Columbia and right here in the United States.

Yesterday was Gotcha Day for the Brashers. As soon as I saw the picture of sweet Kenley with her new sister Tatum (who was also adopted from China) and their dad with Barbies, I cried uncontrollably.

God is amazing. His love and the gift of family, so pure, so true is ... well, see for yourself. The love for that child is palpable. Please visit their site and pray as their journey continues.

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