Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Card Brainstorm

If all goes as planned, think mustaches on sticks and a DIY photo booth. Throw in a Walmart dress, black-sequined beret, a necktie and sneakers. Random ideas have been running through my head. Time is nigh to zero in and edit my vision.
Inspiration is coming from everywhere. A blog post here, a craft (mustaches on sticks) at the recent Villain Cotillion, a Crew Cuts catalog there. Lots of things must happen for this to work ... like the stars are gonna have to align for this one.

P.S. The Fair! A missed opportunity for a family photo shoot. For some time now, I have been thinking of incorporating some Polaroid-type carnival shots in the kids' room with plenty of aquas and yellows. Didn't think about a photo shoot there until the last day of the state fair here. DARN! One of my favorite personal photographers, Britney Smith, certainly did an editorial shoot there, and the pics looked amazing. So next year, yes, a state fair shoot is a must!

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Sweet P Preston said...

Cori, I agree with you on the fair photo shoot. I saw Britney's editorial and they were amazing. She is so great. That would be able with your kids.