Monday, November 15, 2010

Cause for Hyperventilation

No. 1: About a week ago (that would be Nov. 8ish) I saw a house completely decorated for Christmas.
No. 2: I was behind a lady in line at Walmart with a TYPED grocery list.
And all of a sudden I can't breathe.


Anonymous said...

That is amazing!

Jessica said...

You gotta be kidding me???!!! Typed??? WhAAAAt? ...does it count if I use my mom's check-off master guest list all the time??? HA!

Lauren said...

You're not gonna like this, but...I type my grocery list! And I put it in the order of how I walk through the store. Sorry! It's just the way that I organize things. ;)

Cori said...

Amanda, tell me about it!
Jessica, I'll let it slide.
Lauren,I would expect nothing less! Ha. If I recall correctly you also have all your recipes in a database.

Mary Alex said...

hey...just came across ur blog..really nice..I'm a beginner and I completely love the way you write:0