Friday, November 12, 2010

Back-Blogging ... Again ... But Not Quite Yet

Ha! Yes, I should be at it again soon, all two of my readers. I finally have a digital cam up and running, so pics and copy should ensue ... slowly but surely. I have a bag full of disposable cameras to develop, so it may take a while, but our summer and early fall were too fabulous not to document. Several biggies: Our Walk! Our friends and family are amazing! Preschool for both kiddos, birthdays for both, Halloween ... the list goes on. So stay tuned for bits and pieces of back-blogging (Is that a word?). Maybe it will be a special feature each week or something. Lord knows, it won't be the last time I have to back track.
Anyway, just a note to say we are alive and kickin' and are blessed beyond measure!

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Little Boy Carson said...


I'd like to join in on this with you. Things at work are slowing down a bit and maybe, just maybe I will be back to blogging myself.

It sounds like you did a better job on photo documenting events than what I did. I've taken a few pictures here and there, but have been really bad about capturing some monumental moments.

Hope to see some updated photos of you little ones.