Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bake Sale Update

An hour into the Santa's Workshop Sweet Shoppe sale and my cake was nowhere to be found! I hope whoever bought it is enjoying it with a tall glass of milk! It looked like the cakes were going for $18 and up, $20-25 for cakes of comparable size. The thought of my cake going for anything makes me happy. So glad I was able to help my baby girl's preschool make money to benefit her and her friends!
The workshop was so much fun! I even had a blast helping take out the trash!


Sweet P Preston said...

Isn't that a great feeling? I was overwhelmed when I sold all those cheesecakes for the JDRF fundraiser. Great job and I am sure the person that bought it thought it was worth every penny!

Cori said...

Girl, it was great and that was one lil ole cake. You made so many cheesecakes!!! You're awesome! Can't even imagine that!