Sunday, March 6, 2011

Civilization Fair

On Friday, Eric, Millie and I had the opportunity to visit Brother's school for civilization fair. Each grade of lower school is assigned a civilization to study for six to nine weeks. In the curriculum, the students are immersed in the culture -- art, science, social studies, music, etc.
We thought Abe was performing. Turned out he didn't but did parade in his costume. PS3 studied Africa, so he wore a colorful tunic and cylindrical shaped hat he had decorated with shapes. So cute. His had trouble staying on. Even cuter!!!
(Funny aside: We hadn't received any notes about the performance other than there was going to be a fair. When I asked Abe if he was singing. He said, "No." When I asked if he needed anything for a costume. He told me he needed tights. Good thing I didn't listen!!!)
We watched the fair and were able to sit by the Parents Association president who helpfully narrated us through our first fair! It was very enjoyable. I think the vikings were our favorite, only because of Eric the Red!! Millie was very excited to read her daddy's name in the program. Afterward, we were able to visit Abe's classroom and see all the fun projects he had been working on. He and his classmates showed us the "savannah" they had been growing and all the fun artwork.
It was a another great event at that little school. We fall more and more in love each time we're there! When it was time to leave, Abe had the option of coming home with us. But guess what! He wanted to stay! Couldn't tear him away. And well, that's just comforting to a momma. Congrats on your first civilization fair, Abe!

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