Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Timeless Traditions

At the end of February, my sweet mother-in-law, Millie's Becca, treated us with two tickets to "Timeless Traditions." We awoke early that Saturday morning in our finest, well Millie was in her finest -- her red Crewcuts dress, cardi and new saddle shoes. Annabelle came along with us. Grandma Vicky and Aunt Joann gave her to Amelia when she was a baby, and we finally opened her the night before the big event.
Our adventure began at the old Dixie Theatre in Ruston. Even though I spent one too many years in college, I never went inside the Dixie. So it was certainly a treat to get to go inside the historic building. Inside, we registered to win an American Girl Doll. Millie does not have one of these. With each passing birthday and Christmas, Daddy and I debate on whether she is ready to care for one. It may be time. It astonished me that some of the children attending had as many as 5! We chose seats in the middle of the theater so we could see the movie "Chrissa Stands Strong." It was an American Girl movie. It was so cute and had such a great message. It was funny to me that the mom in the movie used to play the child in the movies I watched as a child. Guess we all have to grow up sometime.
After the movie, they held the drawing for the doll. Millie did not win. And when I looked down at her, her eyes started welling up. Oh no ... meltdown! The last time Millie entered a contest, she won a bike! So the lesson that we can't win everything hadn't presented itself yet.
We took a quick trip to the potty to recover. And I think somewhere in there I promised an American Girl doll. Yikes!
Regrouped, we walked from the theater to the James house, a beautiful old white house on the main street there in Ruston. The girls were divided into groups -- etiquette class, refreshments and photo. We had the class first. There were about four beauty queens there explaining what it means to be a lady. After that, we had refreshments. Luckily, we ran into the Brashers. They are such beautiful women. And I had the pleasure of seeing their girls/sisters and meeting their new adopted daughter/sister on her birthday! I was so excited. Both are just precious!
Millie enjoyed a tea sandwich, M&Ms, a petit four and water. We enjoyed our snacks on the lawn of the house. It was beautiful but very windy. I was able to take a few pics of Millie outside. Then we made our way into the big house once again for Millie's photo. After her photo, we toured the house. Millie was very intrigued by the organ and the painted portraits. She wanted to know who the people were. After a few more pics, we began our walk back to the theater and then home.
It was such an enjoyable little tea and movie. It felt so good to spend time with Millie alone. She's such a joy! We loved the Timeless Traditions event and can't wait for next year! Thank you, Becca! You will most definitely have to come with us next time!

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