Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things I've Relished In Lately

* Abe's super cheesy smiles.
* Abe's hysterical laughs ... can't really describe it, but it's hysterics up many notches.
* Millie's dance moves -- in the hallway waiting area at dance, in the living room.
* Millie's conversations -- her vocabulary's out of this world, and her speech sounds so sweet. You can definitely tell she's becoming a young lady.
* The weather. Daddy grilled burgers for us last night, and we ate them in the back yard.
* The idea of moving to Texas -- bigger yard, bigger house, better jobs, better schools, more opportunities. I've mentally made a pros and cons list, and so far, there's not a single con on it. And if you know me, I'm looking hard for that negative ... It's just not there.
* So many friends are having babies. Today, two sweet friends were blessed with adopted babies. What blessings!
* Thinking about how far we've come from a year ago. Diagnosis Day is fast approaching. I want to make good memories and celebrate that day, so Millie will always think about the positive things in her life, know how brave she is and celebrate her good health!
* Humphrey Yogurts from Counter Culture
* Morning walks
* Finding out that a sweet smocked outfit I picked up at a local high-end consignment shop was made (smocked) by one of Millie's preschool staff member's moms and passed down through her family and the preschool family and finally to Little Millie. It gave her chills and me chills to think that dress has wandered around Shreveport for 15 years and basically ended up where it began.
So honored.
* The peace that comes from knowing your children are right where God wants them. Both have been blessed with terrific schools. I love each one and have thoroughly enjoyed volunteering at both and watching how each has impacted my children's lives. Amazing to find the complete package for each child.
* S-L-O-W-L-Y but surely going through every nook and cranny of this place. I'm no where near finished, but it will feel so good to get rid of what is amounting to a storage room full of junk. I'm not taking crap to a new house!!!!
* Learning how to say a big-fat "NO!"
* The thought of getting my hair done in Dallas by my old hairdresser! I miss her!
* Scouting Dallas and praying for God's will. Pray that we'll be still long enough to listen. A move has been on our hearts for more than two years now, and patience is running low. But we can't help but feel God nudging us. Pray we'll follow his lead ... wherever that may be.


Jessica said...

No idea why I'm still up at this hour when I have to be up in just a few to take my sweet mama to the airport for a trip to PR, but....

I definitely have been thinking about you and your desire to move. You know when Lance and I first started dating and planning out our futures, we talked about taking a year off, moving abroad, raising littles while traveling across Europe, emerging ourselves in the culture, the history, working freelance jobs just to keep a little income coming while just LIVING.

I say, GO FOR IT! Of course, selfishly I want to keep you close by but life is meant to be lived to the fullest and I'm behind you 100%.

We too have been contemplating options and changes. Not necessarily moving changes, but just career type changes. Making a living out of what you love...hmm, we'll see where it takes us :) But as cheesy as it sounds I say, shoot for the stars and even if you fall short, you'll still land on the moon!

Hugs, J

P.S. I bit the bullet and signed up for backstage mom, just feel better that way...I feel "crazy" coming up right up ahead! =)

Sweet P Preston said...

Wow! So proud of you and your family. I L-O-V-E TEXAS (because I am Texan and always will be no matter which state I live in). It is something in the water and air that makes you proud.

I know the desire you are having. We had had many uphills while trying to buy the house and we are at a standstill right now. The appraisal came back too low! Now what to do? There are many forks in this road and I have prayed so much about this. I hope and pray that we listen to what God is putting in our hearts and make the right decision (because it is a big one).

Best of Luck to you. So proud for all you. I know there is so much for all of you there.

Much love, Julie

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