Thursday, January 7, 2010

Footed Pajama Day!

Luckily, Mimi thought ahead and outfitted the kiddos with new sets of zip-up footed pajamas. Just in time for the record-breaking weather we're having here. Some kind of Arctic something or other. Foreign words. No matter. All we know is it's cold. Colder than we're used to.
Really makes us rethink the cute, quaint, older home built off the ground thing.
Anyway, we're pretty excited around here. No school!!!! A real snow day, minus the snow. But that doesn't mean we can't cozy up. Today will include playing board games, listening to our new science CD by They Might be Giants (no joke!), eating chicken and dumplings (Thank you, Sweet P's mommy, for the fb status update and thus the craving!), craft projects and maybe a little pleasure reading for me or even EXERCISE.
Believe it or not, I'm aching for a run. I need it. Fattening up for the winter is for bears or something. But you would think I was prepping for hibernation. The bike might have to do. Anyway, it's footed pajama day! And pretty much anything goes AS LONG AS YOU KEEP THOSE TOOTSIES TOASTY!

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Sweet P Preston said...

I love footed pjs for kids (I would wear them if I could get away with it). I know...chicken and dumplings sounded so good last night and we are having left overs tonight. Stay cozy!!!