Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Secrets to Successful or not so Successful Parenting: What You Need to Get By

I've mentioned before my little brother and my sister-in-law are new parents. My cousin also had his first child, Caroline Victoria, in December. And my sister is due with a baby boy in February. Babies, babies everywhere. I'm trying my best not to catch the fever, so to avoid it at all costs, I try to share what I know, not experience it. I was excited to venture to help my sister register for her baby needs just this past weekend. Sometimes I look at my preschooler and toddler and marvel at how they got this far. What helped me survive in those early weeks and months? The following is a newborn survival kit of sorts Daddy and I couldn't live without at the time. 1. Pampers Swaddlers 2. Cloth Diapers -- Seems silly, but it pained me to use my monogrammed burp cloths, especially when administering meds. 3. Mylicon -- I had gassy babies. I had myself to blame. Shame on me, spicy-food-eating-nursing mother that I was. 4. Sassy Disposable Changing Pads -- These can be hard to find. Toys R Us was usually a sure bet. These are great for that early tar poo and any time anything leaked out of the diaper. I could lay these over the changing pad and prevent a mess or cover those nasty ones in public restrooms when desparate. 5. Diaper Duck Trash Bag Dispenser by Munchkin -- These are ideal while on the go. They now have simpler, less conspicuous versions, but the ducky is a great way to occupy wiggly children while diaper-changing. If you have to change in the car or there's no garbage, they hold those stinky remnants until a can presents itself. They're also great for holding vomited or pooped on clothes until you can get home to put them in the wash. 6. Gerber Nursing Pads -- These are thinner and are less visible through the shirt than most nursing pads I tried. They hold a lot considering they're so thin. 7. Boppy -- Great for nursing. Great for post-pregnancy tummy support. Great for tummy time. Great for playtime. Great. Surviving with Two: 1. Bumbo -- I didn't even think about using one when I had Millie Bug. Just didn't see any need in it, but I found it invaluable with a second child. When I had Millie, she was still in the highchair. This helped the baby build up his muscles. I could feed him in it, travel with it. Brother never really cared for tummy time, so I would sit him in it place his toys around him for play. It was also good so he could "play" with his sister and cousins. He would see them up and having a great time, and it helped him feel a part of things. 2. Baby Trend Sit and Stand LX Stroller -- Millie still needs to be secured while traveling, especially when shopping. This allows the baby to be seated and gives her the option to sit or stand. It's fairly light and oh so convenient.
New items are always coming out. It's kinda hard to keep up with it all. And it's certainly overwhelming for a new mom.
What could you mommies not live without?


Sweet P Preston said...

Love the list. For Preston one thing that really helped with diaper changes esp the first month or two was a wipe warmer. He hated cold wipes used on him in the sensitive spots but did not mind not the fresh out of the warmer ones. A luxury???Yes. A lifesaver for us changing diapers? Yes.

Mylicon was my best friend the first 2 months. And I used the diaper changing pads, too. But I also bought the assurance Green Pad from Wal-Mart to use during diaper changes (breastfeeding diapers could be so messy).

Take care.

Cori said...

Hey, Julie! I forgot about the wipe warmer. And actually, I was thinking about starting mine up again for the winter months. Brother's still in diapers. Urgh!! I'll have to tell my sister about the Green Pads. Thanks!