Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Snow Day

Well, kind of. A Louisiana snow day. And boy did it make returning to school after the holiday season pretty difficult. I tried to convince Millie Bug to stay home and snuggle with me, but that school-lovin' priss cried because she wanted to go to school ... even as I was checking the news on television and Internet, sure I had missed the announcement that schools were closed for the day.
Alas, they were not. So I shuffled my snow bunny off to pre-K and met Daddy at the doc where we were told Brother has the ... FLU!!! Bless his heart!!! He's been so lethargic and clingy but today, while the "blizzard" raged outdoors, he lifted his feeble little voice to join Barney for some lovin' and huggin' in his closing theme song before returning right back to his fever-induced sleep.
I made a yummy, hearty, warm white bean chili and a fruit salad and fresh tea to soothe our appetites as we hunkered down for the cold weather. Now, I'm up because after being up all night last night with a feverish baby, I could no longer stay awake and took a 9 p.m. nap. Not smart normally, but seeing as I'll be up throughout the night again with Brother, it was probably a good idea to recharge before the graveyard shift.
Winter has set in.
And although the snow was exciting for us Southerners, I prefered to think about the snow from early December. Bundle up!
Baby, it's cold outside!

All boy. Enjoying is first play in the snow.

Yep. That's a real snowflake!

Warming up with some hot cocoa with marshmellows.

Fell fast asleep ... with a chocolate mustache ... before a second romp.

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rdejl said...

I love looking at the pictures you post of the kids. If you haven't found your camera USB, I'll buy you a new one! Love to everyone -