Friday, January 8, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things ...

Well, two anyway.
Sorry. No Pics. Again. 2 USBs Lost. Gone. 2009 was The Year of the Lost. Because I also lost my cell with many "first" pics of my children. Like the first time Abe sat in a grocery cart. Can't dwell on it, or I will cry. But barring it was flushed down the toilet, tossed in the trash, or thrown out with Goodwill, it will turn up one day. Ahh, hope.

Anyway, on to two of my favorite things: No. 1: School Aids, spectacular teachers' supply store on Youree. I could spend hours in there. The workbooks, the puzzles, the books! Almost makes me want to home school. Coupons can often be found in Red River Moms magazine. Grab them; you'll need them.

And favorite thing No. 2: Old Farmer's Almanac General Store in the Boardwalk. They sell the old-fashioned lemon drops my dad used to sell in his pharmacy years ago. They have cute paper doll books, knick-knacks, cooking utensils (an awesome cast-iron griddle). This fall/winter I eyed their Halloween and Christmas garlands. A little pricey when I can make them myself. But so beautiful to look at. I could go on and on about how charming this mercantile is. Probably a little more fancy than the Olsens' or the Godseys', but still full of nostalgia nonetheless. Oh, and I googled them and found some online coupons, and I'm sure the Boardwalk coupon book has some kind of offer from them.

P.S. Even if I had USB cords to download my pics, you wouldn't see any pics from the inside of this store as they ban photos. So, I guess they want you to see it for yourself to believe it???? P.S.S. This store is not stroller-friendly. There is no room to maneuver. But if you insist, like I did during Christmas, there's a nice worker there with an amazing foreign accent (wink, wink) who will be more than happy to clear a path for you.
There you have it -- two of my favorite things.

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