Tuesday, February 8, 2011

No-Sew Apron

I've been meaning to make little dishtowel aprons for Millie and her cousins. I've had the towels in my craft bin for a while now. When we were snowed in this weekend, I craved crafting. I was definitely short on supplies, so my ultimate design was limited by what I had on hand. I'm not really a zebra-print kind of gal, but given the circumstances, I think it turned out cute. It's way big for Millie. She has to double the tie around her waist. Truth be known, it's a perfect fit for me. Haha. But Millie's it is!
I had originally planned for this to be a little practice-sewing project, but my machine's at mom's and Millie's bobbin is well I don't exactly know, and that's the problem.
Anyway, a dishtowel, some ribbon, fabric glue and a few embellishments later, Millie has another apron for her collection, and the crafting was temporarily out of my system. Temporarily.

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