Friday, February 4, 2011

V is for Valentine's

Be still my heart. Valentine's Day with the kiddos just may get my heart a pumpin' again, just what I need to awake from this winter hibernation.
I'm co-room mother for Brother's class. His little party will be short and sweet. I made these cute little cards as invitations to parents. He and his classmates will have heart-shaped doughnuts and juice, do a craft and exchange valentines cards. There will also be a story time. I'm in charge of the doughnuts and juice boxes. I'm looking for a way to jazz up the boxes. I'm considering using these or something similar.
Since the party and attention spans are so short, I'll be providing their "mailboxes" for their valentines. Paper plate holders! Remember these?

Brother has chosen Toy Story 3 valentines with tattoos.
It should be a fancy little simple soiree for the PS3-3-dayers! I plan to dress him in his red tie and vest, jeans and sneakers. What a handsome little valentine he will be!
As for Millie Bug, well she's been busy planning her own little valentine love fest, complete with name "badges," papercut hearts and a list of trinkets to fill her classmates' buckets. She, like me, prefers lists. So here's her little list:
1. These paper treat bags.
2. Decorated felt bookmarks.
3. The name badges.
4. The paper hearts.
5. Hello Kitty valentines cards with pencils.
6. These adorable lollipops with mustaches and lips. I think the rainbows will get a kick outta those.
7. Some sugary goodness yet to be determined.
She's steadily been working on our Valentine's Day tree at home. We wanted some cookie cutter ornaments but didn't have the money for them. When she realized there were heart ornaments in the treasure chest at school, she has taken great care to use her earned trips to the chest to pick out more heart-shaped ornaments for our tree. Such a sweetheart my girl!
I can't wait to dress her in her new red silk dress from Crewcuts and white cardigan. I'm on the lookout for a showstopper hairpiece. Almost makes me want to revive the photo booth!
For the teachers, more sugary sweetness. I picked up these cute "chalkboard" mugs at Wal-Mart. They are filled with pink, heart-shaped marshmallows. I think I may replace them with homemade marshmallows. And each will be accompanied with a classic valentine (You can buy some here.) mounted on a delicate doily and kissed with a magnet.

On a side note, I've repeatedly raided Target's $1 aisle. Is that place heaven, or what? I've picked up lots of goodies for the kids' visit from Cupid. Yeah, I just made that up. I needed something/one to blame all the frivolous spending on. So new tradition: The children will be visited by Cupid this year and every year from here on out. Maybe.
All this planning, and I still need to work on valentines for my own honey. Ideas, anyone?

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