Friday, February 4, 2011

So About This Cupid Thing ...

Yeah, I kind of got out of control buying for the kids this afternoon. And well, then I got to thinking, if they have buckets, they need to be filled. And if they have to be filled, who's gonna do it? The Valentine's fairy? Romeo? Yes, out. of. control. Traditionally, our valentines to the kids have been a box of candy, a book and a Barbie or some other, as Brother would say, "manly" toy. And they've come from us, mommy and daddy.
That box of candy, it's special. It's tradition -- one my Daddy started with me and mom years ago. He is a pharmacist. When I was little, he worked in a real pharmacy in a small town, like he walked to work, people. You know, the pharmacy wasn't one of those chain things either. There were real people behind the counter who knew you and your daddy and your daddy's daddy, who really cared about your well-being. No windows, no microphones, no 'tudes. Honeycutt Drugstore had a little gift shop in the front. On Valentine's Day, Daddy walked home from work like he did every day, but on Valentine's day he always had a large heart-shaped box of Russell Stover chocolates for us ... Always. And opening that box and savoring every morsel was the highlight of our evening. I remember that ... vividly. And how loved I felt. And well, that deserves to be passed on from me ... not Cupid. Love you, Daddy!

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