Thursday, October 9, 2008

A Field Guide to Growing up Anderson

Finally, after much consideration and procrastination, Millie Bug & Brother is a reality. "To blog or not to blog" has been weighing on my mind for some time now. But with a backlog of baby journal entries and potential scrapbook page ideas, it seems the only answer right now is to blog. The children's poor baby books have amounted to nothing more than snippets of paper here and there -- stuffed in a daily planner, magazines, or children's books -- with little more than child's name, date, and brief description of a momentous milestone scribbled on a scrap piece of paper or sticky note. Shame on me. Now to make amends. My children's beautiful moments will be recorded here for the world to see. Because they are special and deserve to be shared. I hope family and friends will enjoy peeking into our lives and watching the children blossom. They really are an interesting pair. Can't imagine one without the other.
Why "Millie Bug & Brother"? Well, Millie Bug is the Anderson family's nickname for Amelia. Oh, and I couldn't be more pleased. Before Amelia was born, Eric and I considered nicknames for her. I loved Millie. Eric vehemently opposed it, opting only to call her by her full name -- Amelia. Well, after she was born, she became Mia to me. A.J. to some. But Millie Bug to her Becca. And I love it!
As for Brother. Well, that's what he is. Abram Elias' name came to us a day after his birth. I loved Eli but knew too many Elijahs. Elias seemed the only other option. And as for Abram, it's a Booty brother's name. I ran across it editing a sports article, and boom! We had our name. Eric's side of the family calls the baby Abram; my family Eli. He's known formally as Abram. I personally like Abe. But none of these names has stuck with me. Since Amelia's the only one I can converse with during the day, I refer to him as "Brother" to her. And thus, his nickname. So they are ... Millie Bug & Brother. And I'm their mommy. And every day with them is an adventure.

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