Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Love in a Lunch Bag

There's love in these lunch bags.
Every Monday and Wednesday night, I put my heart and soul into the little lunches that fill these bags. And as soon as my Millie Bug and Brother are out the door, I start to think about the next day's lunch. Will their little tummies be satisfied, making for a delightful day at school? I hope so! When they bite into those pb foldovers on whole grain wheat and scoop up the quartered green grapes, are they reminded how much I love them? Well ... hum ... probably not. But I do it anyway, and it has become one of life's little joys for me.

I'm looking to get more creative in this department -- packing preschool lunches. I'm open to any suggestions. Last week, Millie Bug helped cut her sandwiches with cookie cutters, which I shall continue. (Yes, she's eating her leftovers!)

I'm also going to re-visit the book "First Meals." It's a great book filled with recipes for stages of a child's development.
And of course, I'm looking for more ways to "Go Green" as far as the Ziplocs are concerned. Four blog entries, and they're mentioned again. I might have an addiction.

Lunch sacks courtesy of Tatermash, the cutest little oilcloth boutique, which can be found at Canton Trade Days or online at Tatermash.com.
I also use these great sippy cup labels called BumpyName -- The Original Orbit Label by InchBug, which are available at inchbug.com.

(One of my favorite gifts I received from one of my baby showers were some cute ladybug labels. So practical! When I couldn't find the company to reorder, I decided on these. The office label/permanent marker thing was not cutting it! Anyway, a great baby shower gift idea!)

And for when they get a wee bit older: these metal lunchboxes I spied on polkadotpatch.com.
All this talk of lunches is making me hungry. Now for a midnight snack of my own!


little pumpkin grace said...

Love those metal lunchboxes! So funny, Grace has that exact same Tatermash foldover lunchbag and the matching apron and bib - love the whole vintage vibe of oilcloth!

When you come up with some great lunch ideas, you'll have to share - I'm always racking my brain trying to be creative with Grace's as she's still picky, picky, picky :)

Cori said...

Aren't the little bags cute! I had trouble finding something that everything -- including sippy cups -- could fit in (It's hard to fix those cups in boxes.). And I looked at all the department stores, dollar stores for just a plain insulated bag for Brother to no avail. And then I remembered I picked up a card from the Tatermash boutique last year while in Canton, so I called her up. I'm pleased! They work well.