Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Houston, We Have a Walker!

Our Brother is walking now!

(Obviously, I shot my video the wrong way. Will have to figure out a quick fix for this later. But for now, you get the idea.)

Mommy and daddy are so proud! Boy, though, if we thought he was into everything before ...

Brother discovers acorns!

Here, Mommy, you try!

Plenty of fall goodies to come! Daddy's been off, so that means fun-filled days full of activities!

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Little Boy Carson said...

What is it with acorns? Everytime Carson goes outside, he has a rock in one hand and an acorn in the other! Seriously, I washed his pants and when I cleaned out the lint filter there were parts of an acorn in there! Little boys...as long as I don't find snakes or spiders (even if they are fake) I'll be ok!