Friday, October 10, 2008

I'll Get You My Pretty!

Oh, the wonderful land of Oz! Little Amelia loves to escape there. She was introduced to "The Wizard of Oz" early. Her Daddy insisted, partly because of his love of playing the movie simultaneously to Pink Floyd. And for me, it was always a childhood favorite. My daddy would holler from his room "Change it to Channel 4! Hurry!" whenever he caught it while channel surfing. And he does the same today with my kids. Papaw's favorite is the Lollipop Guild, and I can vividly remember him doing his own rendition when I was little. He's funny like that! Anyway, Amelia loves the movie. Her favorite line is "I'll get you my pretty ... and your little dog too!" to which she replies, "No, not my little dog!" Too cute! So I was elated when the Robinson Film Center scheduled to show the feature as part of it's Movies and Moonbooms Program. They do outdoor screenings of films, and this one was to be shown at RiverView Park down by the river. The night was lovely. And Amelia had the perfect outfit -- a pink tee Mimi had purchased for her that had the Wicked Witch and her favorite line, black and white striped tights, chucks, and twin buns with green bows.
To top it off, I packed a picnic supper in a real picnic basket! (I finally was able to use the picnic backpack Becky gave Eric and I for our wedding.)
Millie Bug & Brother had a ball! And the love continues ... Millie Bug goes back and forth between wanting to be the Wicked Witch and Dorothy for Halloween. And well, poor Brother, it's imperative he be her sidekick, so it looks like the Scarecrow or the Cowardly Lion for him! Daddy votes flying monkey. And you know me, I've already bought the ruby slippers!

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